Students create cornmeal canyons at Harley Avenue

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Cornmeal can be used for more than just baking. Students at Harley Avenue Primary School learned that first hand when they explored how continuous rainfall can erode land to create canyons.
Students in Mrs. Schombs’ and Mrs. Miller’s classes joined Mrs. Testa in the science lab on March 3 and learned about natural erosion and the creation of canyons, like the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Following a short video, students tested their theory – that rainfall is powerful enough to excavate land – using a tightly-packed ball of cornmeal, made to mimic the earth’s surface. After dripping water over their model, the students recorded the results, which included cracks and large divots in the cornmeal where the water had landed.
The activity engaged students in a minds-on and hands-on science task relevant to everyday life and was designed to expand the students’ understanding of engineering physical, earth and life sciences.