Boyd and JGHS Host Reverse Parade for Students

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On Thursday, May 21, teachers, administrators and staff members from James H. Boyd Intermediate School and Elwood-John H. Glenn High School gathered at Elwood Middle School to host their reverse parades for students. The sun was shining, teachers decorated their cars, balloons were hung and music played throughout the campus. Banners, purchased by Elwood’s Booster Club, featured portraits of each of the high school’s 172 graduating seniors. The banners, coordinated by Mr. Motta and the Mammolito family, lined the road between the middle and high school.

“It was a beautiful tribute to our seniors," Eileen Kelly-Gorman, the district’s director of math, science and technology, said.

Cars of faculty and staff members were parked along the campus’ perimeter and hundreds of families drove through to wave hello.

In the evening, John Glenn seniors replaced their porch lights with a green bulb —their class color — in solidarity throughout the district.

Pam Fine, the district's director of humanities, who helped coordinate each of the parades, said, "Today was a great day for the soul. I hope families and teachers felt the love. We thank everyone for sharing their Elwood spirit!"