Fostering a Love of Music

Students and their families recently gathered for the second Parent Orchestra Night at James H. Boyd Intermediate School. The event was hosted by music teachers Diana Gotzen-Berg and Karen Gellert to give third through fifth grade students and their families the unique opportunity to learn basic skills and for families to develop an appreciation for what their student has learned in the Elwood String program.

Family members were instructed on how to hold the instrument and were taught the proper left and right hand bow positions. Students participated by instructing and correcting their family members’ techniques. By the end of the evening, the group could play three pieces.
Three Elwood-John H. Glenn High School string students, Elizabeth Choi, Emma Mayette and Mina Ban assisted throughout the event.

“Family members now have a better understanding of what the process is in beginning to play a string instrument and what it’s like as time progresses,” said Ms. Gellert. “This experience can help their student succeed.”