AP Italian Students Show Off Their Inventions

On Wednesday, Oct. 5th, Elwood-John H. Glenn High School students in Ms. Ferriolo’s Advanced Placement Italian class participated in their own invention fair. The engaging lesson allowed students to work in teams to sketch a sample of what their invention would look like and include facts about their creation strictly in Italian.

After brainstorming and preparing, the students presented their ideas to their classmates in an Italian-based discussion. With each presentation, Ms. Ferriolo and the rest of the class took notes and asked questions. The students wrote their opinions of each invention and scored the teams based on what they thought a panel of professionals would like the best.

Students had to identify four key details about their inventions including the product name, the target audience, the cost of the item, and where they would launch it. Ideas ranged from an earbud translator, to glasses with an attached keyboard.

After all the presentations concluded, the class as a whole selected the best one. The winning invention was Cattura Chiara, which was a camera that could capture video and pictures with a blink of an eye. The runner up invention was La Mia Concienza Straniera, an ear chip to translate any language as soon as you hear it.