Students Receive a Lesson from Law Enforcement

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Eighth-grade students at Elwood Middle School received a lesson on the dangers of drugs and the importance of making good choices with the help of Suffolk County Police Officer Corbett on Nov. 23. In an effort to expand the curriculum in their health classes, the students will receive a visit throughout the year from a law enforcement officer as part of a Police Smart program.

During the presentation, Officer Corbett spoke to students about gateway drugs such as marijuana and stressed the dangerous consequences. She touched upon addiction and told the students her personal accounts of seeing young adults fall into becoming addicts. With the help of engaging videos, Officer Corbett highlighted for the classes what drugs can do to your body and brain. The students also learned about peer pressure and she encouraged them to make good choices when together with friends.

Throughout the presentation, students asked questions about laws and other pressing topics that they were unclear of. Officer Corbett initiated a discussion from these subjects.

"Officer Corbett and the Police Smart program are an invaluable resource for the eighth-grade students of Elwood,” said teacher Darren Szokoli. “Learning about topics ranging from internet safety and school violence, to drugs and alcohol, provide students with the facts they need to know to lead healthy and productive lives.”