Knight Pride Reigns At Elwood Homecoming 2010


In late September, the Elwood community united for the District’s annual Homecoming celebration. The weekend kicked off with a spirited high school pep rally the afternoon before, during which all fall sports teams were introduced. That evening, the high school hosted its annual Homecoming Dance, where seniors James DePace and Claudia Geib were crowned the Homecoming King and Queen.

The next morning, students from across the District marched in the parade while parents, fellow students, and Elwood residents cheered them on. Every graduating class from the high school proudly displayed their float, which each depicted a Pixar movie. The seniors captured first place with their “Finding Nemo” float, while the juniors’ “Up” depiction, the sophomores’ “Cars” representation, and the freshmen class’s “Wall-E” float also did not disappoint.

Following the parade, the John Glenn Knights battled against the Port Jefferson Royals for football glory. With a final score of 48-0, the Knights did not disappoint, thanks to the support of the energetic crowd.