Harley Avenue Students...


Fill Their “Buckets” With Kindness

Students at Harley Avenue Primary School recently participated in an assembly on kindness, self-esteem, and respect. The program, based on Carol McCloud’s book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? explained to students that each person carries around an invisible bucket in which good thoughts and feelings are kept. When people’s buckets are full, they are happy; when the buckets are empty, they are sad.
During the assembly, “Bucket Filler” Peggy Johncox explained to students that they need to fill other people’s buckets by giving compliments, doing nice things for others, and helping out without being asked. “When you fill someone else’s bucket, you fill your own,” Ms. Johncox said. Overall, the metaphor of a bucket helped the young students learn the importance of being considerate and kind to others.
In addition to the student presentations, Harley teachers also participated in a special workshop, during which they learned how to incorporate “Bucket Filling” lessons into their curriculum.