At its July 5, 2011 meeting, the Board of Education adopted a new math program for students in kindergarten through grade 5 called Envision. Over the course of 2010-11 school year, a committee comprised of grade K-5 teachers researched a variety of new math programs. The group chose Envision for several reasons: 1) The program aligns with the New York State common core standards; 2) It offers children the opportunity to reason both abstractly and quantitatively; and 3) The program has a digital and electronic structure, meaning that parents will be able to access Envision from home to assist their children with homework and lesson review. In addition, Envision conforms to a variety of ability levels, from those students who are in need of additional academic intervention, to those who perform above grade level.

Envision contains six domains including counting and numberness; numbers and operations; operations and algebraic thinking; geometry; measurement and data; and concepts and problem solving. Overall, it is a highly-focused, research-based, and manageable program.

Teachers will be trained at the beginning of the school year in Envision and will receive additional training throughout the year as new domains are introduced.

The program will begin for students in September.

In the fall, the District committee will conduct a full presentation about Envision to the community during a Board of Education meeting. In the meantime, if residents have any questions or require additional information about the program, they may contact Maryann Llewellyn, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at 266-5400 x286. You may also view a YouTube presentation on Envision by clicking here.