Board of Education Update: Further actions regarding merger were stalled after the initial information meeting. The Elwood School District is not in discussion to merge or consolidate.

In the quagmire of deteriorating support from Albany, limited control over escalating expenses, and controversial tax cap legislation, the Board of Education took the initiative to explore potential financial and educational benefits of merging with a neighboring school district of our choice. 

Phase 1 of the Board’s initiative took place on January 6, 2011 at a public meeting where three experts on the subject of merger were invited to speak, as well as all interested stakeholders in our community, and the leadership of neighboring school districts.  The goal of Phase 1 was to obtain general information on consolidation protocol and additional financial support – if any, and pertinent laws and regulations.  Phase 2 of the exploration could only move forward if a contiguous district expressed interest in conducting a merger feasibility study.

Having learned that the financial gains in the multi-year process are mostly derived from grants and additional consolidation aid from Albany, which at best is suspect, no neighboring district has expressed interest to proceed with a study.  It has also become evident that while the financial outlook poses an incredible challenge to competitive education, many residents and Board members recognize the exceptional goodwill value associated with Elwood School District’s reputation and the deep-rooted cultural bond our schools have with the overall Elwood community. Therefore, no merger is in sight for Elwood.

Lastly, the Board of Education wants to make it emphatically clear to all that Elwood is dedicated to great education - academically, artistically, and athletically, and the sanctity of this commitment will remain intact over the near-term and in the future.