EMS Scores Are Muy Bueno!

Congratulations to the Elwood Middle School eighth-grade Spanish students who scored well on the National Spanish Exam.

Pictured left to right are the gold medal winners who scored at or above the 95th percentile: Amanda Harrigan, Meghan Browne, Madison Graifman, Chelsea Pardes, Hanna Graifman, Amanda DiMartini and eighth-grade Spanish teacher Anita Hall. These students were honored at Jericho High School on May 30, where they received a medallion as well as a monetary award.

Additionally, EMS boasts of ten silver medal winners. They are Kelly Cooney, Allison Czeczotka, John Foley, Alexis Groark, Jordan Kessler, Nora Miller, Jennifer Most, Lauren Rincon, Alexis Stickelman and Zachary Wollman.

The eleven bronze medal winners are John Bisbal, Marc Choi, Kathryn Claffey, John Gryski, Benjamin Katz, Kamma LaGattuta-Pennetti, Erin Martin, Sean McGowan, Bailey Raspler, Danielle Rubin and Gian-Carlos Quijije. Twenty-two students also received honorable mention on this year’s exam.
Congratulations to all winners!