Message/Resources from NYSED Commissioner Dr. John B. King, Jr. about Tragedy in Connecticut
Following the tragic events in Connecticut, I want to share with you resources that may help your school communities cope with the emotions that this event can elicit and help ensure that your school continues to be a safe haven for students to learn and teachers to teach. It is important in the coming days and weeks to listen to your students' concerns and reassure them when they ask questions, and encourage parents to do the same. I trust your judgment and wisdom to lead your staff and students through this difficult time.

While the Newtown, CT tragedy is believed to be an isolated incident and there is no credible information to indicate there is a threat to any school in New York State, you are encouraged to speak to your staff to highlight the need to remain vigilant and cognizant of suspicious individuals, behavior or threats.

In addition, the New York State Police have indicated they are committed to ensuring there is open communication and that appropriate responses can be provided to any school district in need of assistance. If you have any concerns or notice suspicious activity, the State Police encourage you to follow your normal reporting protocols to either your local police agency and/or the New York State Police. Should you require any additional information regarding State Police best practices, please call the New York State Intelligence Center at 518-786-2100.

New York State Education Department: School Safety Guide
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