Students Travel the World in One Hour

Students from James H. Boyd Intermediate School were able to travel the world in the span of one hour, all in the comfort of the school’s auditorium. The students participated in a special presentation titled “The World: A Multicultural Journey Outline” by Mike Harold.

Mr. Harold explained to students that he has traveled the world, visiting 80 different countries so far in his lifetime. He captivated students with his adventures of traveling to remote villages to truly learn the culture of those places. “When I travel, I don’t go to the cities. I only take what I can fit in a backpack and travel to villages by foot because I love to learn about their way of life,” he said.

In addition to his stories, Mr. Harold showed students artifacts from his travels, including a spear from Uganda, a homemade scooter from Thailand and insect specimens he bought in the Amazon. To the delight of the students, he also showed them photos from his trips around the world, taking students to such places as the Grand Canyon, the Galapagos Islands, Panama, Peru and Brazil.

Through his adventures, students were able to learn about life outside of the United States and how other people throughout the world live.