Invention Convention Showcases Student Ingenuity

Students at James H. Boyd Intermediate School put their creative caps on for the school’s Invention Convention in mid-May. Open to all Boyd students, participants were encouraged to use their imagination, creativity and basic science and mathematical skills to identify a need or solve a problem.

In order to become an “inventor,” students were tasked to develop an invention idea – a practical function to solve an everyday or global problem. They kept an inventor’s journal to collect ideas about their inventions and to sketch a diagram of their creations. In their journal, students addressed basic information about their inventions, including the user of the product, how it works and how the invention is built.
During the actual Invention Convention, students displayed prototypes of their creations that included pre-scooped ice cream, woodpecker deterrent, edible paint, a protect-a-purse alarm system and a new generation of windshield wipers, to name a few. The district thanks the Shared Decision Making Committee for its coordination of such an imaginative event.