An ‘ACT’ of Success

The Elwood Union Free School District is proud to announce that senior Kelsey Hackett earned the highest possible composite score on the ACT college admission and placement exam.

Following in her brother Daniel’s footsteps who received a perfect ACT score 8 years ago, Kelsey received an outstanding score of 36 after taking the exam. The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science. Each test is scored on a scale of 1-36, and a student's composite score is the average of the four test scores.
Among test takers in the high school graduating class of 2014, only 1,407 of nearly 1.85 million students earned a composite score of 36.

Among her academic talents, Kelsey is an active member of several school clubs and extracurricular activities. Continuing her academic journey, Kelsey has applied to several elite colleges including Yale University, Stony Brook University and Columbia University with plans to major in biology with a focus in genetics.

In a letter recognizing this exceptional achievement, ACT CEO Jon Whitmore said, “While test scores are just one of the many criteria that most colleges consider when making admission decisions, your exceptional ACT composite score should prove helpful as you pursue your education and career goals.”