Citing the satisfaction of helping to stabilize and improve the Elwood UFSD, Superintendent Peter Scordo has announced that 2015-16 will be his final year in the district.

Mr. Scordo, 65, who has served as the Superintendent of Elwood since July 2009 is one of Long Island’s veteran education leaders. Prior to working as the Superintendent in Elwood, Mr. Scordo served as Superintendent in three districts: Hauppauge CSD, Eastport-South Manor CSD, and Malverne UFSD. Earlier in his career, Mr. Scordo was an administrator and teacher for 22 years in the Northport-East Northport UFSD.

“When I think of what has transpired in public education in just the last six years, I take great pride in being part of the team at Elwood that has worked to preserve the things that our residents care about the most,” he said. “From a financial perspective, it has been very challenging for this district to maintain its balance given the nature of our tax base, but the restoration of full day kindergarten next year and preservation of programs and staffing is testament to a community that is fully supportive of its schools.  “I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and skilled educators in our administrative offices and in our classrooms,” Scordo said.  “Great schools are a collaboration of all stakeholders in a school community, and I am very proud of being the Superintendent of Schools in Elwood.  We are a very accomplished school district; Elwood will always have a special place in my heart.”

“Peter’s veteran leadership has always been evident in our district, and we are the better for it as a school community,” said Board of Education President Joseph Fusaro. “His tenacious commitment to students and families and his support for the role of professional educators is laudable. He has set the bar high for our district, and we look forward to another year under his leadership.”

By making an announcement now, Mr. Scordo has provided the Board of Education with a full year in which to recruit a new leader for the school district, with the transition slated for July 1, 2016.  He has said that he will support the Board of Education’s efforts to recruit a new Superintendent of Schools in whatever capacity they deem helpful.