Elwood-John H. Glenn High School Named School of Opportunity

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Elwood-John H. Glenn High School has been named a School of Opportunity by the National Education Policy Center, one of only 17 schools in the nation to receive this honor. A silver medal recipient, the high school was selected based on its documented success in implementing practices to close opportunity gaps and provide rich opportunities for all students throughout the school. A School of Opportunity is one that serves as a model, informing and inspiring the efforts of educators and communities throughout the United States.

In order to be considered for an award, schools had to go through an application process through which they documented their success in implementing practices to close the opportunity gap in a variety of areas. Among others, these included:
•    Create and maintain a healthy school culture
•    Broaden and enrich school curriculum
•    Provide more and better learning time during the school year and summer
•    End disparities in learning opportunities created by tracking and ability grouping

In its application, the high school emphasized open enrollment for AP and honors courses. In addition, the application highlighted the instructional lab classes that are offered in order for students to build their content knowledge and skills so that they may have an opportunity in the future to take an AP or honors course prior to graduating.  The high school also emphasized its efforts to support the social-emotional supports that are provided for students and addressed the technology opportunities available to students and teachers.  

“The Elwood Union Free School District is honored to receive the School of Opportunity Silver Recognition,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Gary Furman. “We will continue to create opportunities and supports for all of our students to take the most challenging academic program before they graduate. The high school has tremendous, hard working students with dedicated teachers and administrators who are educational leaders. These components, along with parental support, are the reasons for JGHS being awarded the School of Opportunity Silver Recognition."   

For more information on the high school’s award, visit opportunitygap.org and click on the school’s name.