Second-Graders Walk the Red Carpet

As a culmination to their persuasive writing unit, students in Stefanie Gallagher’s second-grade class at Harley Avenue Primary School walked the red carpet with their book nominations for the Red Carpet Book Awards.

Students struck a pose as they entered a room full of paparazzi made up of administration, friends and family excited to be part of this red carpet event. Following an introduction by Gallagher, each student shared the reason they selected their book to be nominated. Some of the book nominations included best book, weirdest book, nicest character and best illustrations.

As a class, the students selected four nominees for favorite book in Mrs. Gallagher’s class. Following a thunderous drum roll, Gallagher announced that “Mercy Watson to the Rescue” by Kate DiCamillo won the award for favorite book. To conclude the event, members of the audience had the opportunity to meet the “superstar” students and get their autographs.