Kindergarten Celebration

Harley Avenue Primary School celebrated the academic accomplishments of kindergarten students with family and friends during its Kindergarten Celebration on May 15.

To kick off the event, each student presented a piece of writing about his or her favorite memory of kindergarten. Following an introduction by Principal Elissa Toubin, the kindergartners recited a poem, spelling out each letter of the word “kindergarten,” and sang original songs about moving up to first grade and topics they had learned during the school year.

Parents cheered on the kindergartners as they participated in several outdoor activities and games, which were coordinated by physical education teacher Stephen Robins. The event concluded with parents, friends and students returning indoors to enjoy snacks in the classroom.

“Our children have learned so much this year,” said Toubin. “They have learned to read, write and do math, but most importantly, they have developed friendships in their classes and across the grade.”