Distinguishing Beauty

Inspired by her freshman English honor class project last year, Elwood-John H. Glenn High School sophomore Mary Zabransky wrote and published her first book, “I Understand.”

During her English class, Zabransky was intrigued by a unique reading assignment about Sonia Singh, an Austrian woman who buys Bratz dolls and gives them a make-under. Singh removes the heavy makeup and scandalous clothing to give the dolls a more natural appearance. Inspired by this innovative idea, Zabransky created make-under dolls for her classmates and distributed them during her final presentation.

This past summer, Zabransky reflected on and explored the theme of stereotypical standards and as a result wrote “I Understand,” which includes a variety of inspirational vignettes, quotes and poems.

“After creating over 30 make-under dolls, I was inspired to compile a collection of thoughts in hopes of presenting the reader with something much more than simply reading about or possessing a doll,” Zabransky said. “All people have the ability to do amazing things. Just be yourself and everyone will benefit.”