SPARK!-ing Students’ Interests


Eight juniors at Elwood-John H. Glenn High School in the Independent Science Research Program, under the advisement of Arnold Kamhi, participated in a hands-on simulated experience at the House Calls Program as part of North Shore-LIJ’s SPARK! Challenge.

North Shore-LIJ matches schools to a facility where students shadow professionals from various fields through simulations, practical encounters and hand-on activities. Juniors Samantha Ciappa, Paige Costa, Amanda Emmerich, Madisyn Hausch, Derek Lee, Deanna Peperno, Jack Ryan and Sarah Weitman visited the House Calls Program, where they met with health care providers and simulated physical conditions of a geriatric person to gain an understanding of the physical and mental health ailments of an aging body.

During the visit, students put on aging suits, wore cataract goggles to impair their eyesight, breathed through straws to mimic the feeling of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and had their hands taped together while organizing medicine to simulate arthritis. The experience helped the juniors understand the type of care needed to help the aging population.

Mentored by Kamhi, students meet once or twice a week to collaborate on their cumulative project. For the project, they are asked to “market their career” by creating an advertisement for the career they were exposed to during their visit. In April, Elwood students will compete against 35 schools participating in the challenge and present their project to a panel of judges.