Legislator Steve Stern Discusses Citizenship with Third-Graders

As part of the third-grade social studies curriculum, students at James H. Boyd Intermediate School are learning about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen in the United States. To help further explain the concept of citizenship, Suffolk County Legislator Steve Stern visited students and led a group discussion on the topic.

Prior to the presentation, third-graders discussed what it means to be a citizen, learned about the three branches of government and people of authority in the government that help create laws. During the session, Legislator Stern explained the types of responsibilities citizens have, the importance of voting and ways to be a good citizen at a young age such as recycling and being respectful to their family members. He also shared the duties and obligations he has a legislator.

To conclude, students participated in a question and answer session with Legislator Stern. He encouraged the third-graders to share any ideas or concerns they may have with him and passed out an information sheet with his phone number and email address.