Graphic Novelist Visits Middle School

As a way to help inspire students to explore their artistic and creative writing skills, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders at Elwood Middle School participated in an assembly led by graphic novelist and creator of the Olympians book series, George O’Connor.

During the visit, O’Connor explained that his passion for Greek mythology led him to write his Olympians book series. He shared original sketches and illustrations while providing a short synopsis of each of his eight published books. Each volume of the Olympians tells the story of one of the gods in the Olympic pantheon, accompanied by the history behind each myth. O’Connor conducted extensive research to write and illustrate his books.

O’Connor encouraged the students to keep practicing their drawing skills and gave advice on how they can develop their craft. To conclude the presentation, he drew a quick sketch of two Greek god characters that appear in his books and afforded students the opportunity to ask questions. After the assembly, O’Connor held a book signing in the school’s library.