Teacher for a Day


Coordinated by members of the sophomore class and class advisers Carolyn Pollina and Adrienne Nasser, Elwood-John H. Glenn High School hosted its first Teacher for a Day, through which students assumed the role and responsibilities of a high school teacher.

The Teacher for a Day program allows students in grades 9-12 the chance to experience learning from the other side of the classroom by educating their classmates. To participate, students purchased raffle tickets and placed their ticket into bags labeled with the name of a teacher or administrator they wanted to work with. Selected at random, 21 students were assigned to teachers who volunteered to participate in the program.

Prior to the event, students met with the teacher they would be shadowing to organize and plan a lesson. Many students arrived to school dressed the part as a teacher, with some students and teachers coordinating their outfits to match.

Funds raised from the event went to support the Class of 2018.