Paw-sitive Purpose

In an effort to raise awareness about animal cruelty, members of the Elwood Middle School Knights of Good club, advised by Todd Schwartz, hosted a two-day Animal Abuse Awareness Program on March 31 and April 1.

In honor of the event, president and founder of the Grateful Greyhounds organization Lisa Sallie, along with two volunteers and three greyhound service dogs, visited students in their physical education classes. During the visit, Ms. Sallie, who is also an Elwood-John H. Glenn High School guidance counselor, discussed ways to identify if an animal has been neglected or abused, how to help an animal feel more comfortable and safe, and the best way to take care of an animal or pet. Students were then able to pet each dog and ask any additional questions.

“It is important for our culture to embrace animals like we do human beings,” said Ms. Sallie. “By educating students in the school system, we can hopefully make an impact so they will be good pet owners in the future.”

In recognition of the awareness program, students wrote the name of their pet(s) on a dog bone shaped sticker and wore it for the entire school day. Additionally, the club hosted a poster contest, in which students created animal abuse awareness or greyhound abuse awareness posters during their lunch periods. The winning poster in each grade was displayed on the Grateful Greyhound website,

As part of a community service project, the club held a pet supply drive and donated all items they collected to the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington.