Clanks, Clinks and Clunks of Recycled Materials

The cafetorium at Harley Avenue Primary School was filled with clanks, clinks and clunks as students participated in an arts-in-education assembly called “Bash the Trash.”

Sponsored by the Harley Avenue PTA, Bash the Trash performers reuse and repurpose recycled materials to make musical instruments. The program combines science, music and environmental awareness, while also focusing on how art and science work together.

During the show, performers played a serious of musical numbers for the students. Performers discussed the various recycled materials they used to create their instruments. While they performed, students had the opportunity to contribute by using their voices and hands to make unique sounds. The Bash the Trash performers encouraged the students to reduce, reuse and recycle and gave them a few pointers on how to create their own instrument from recycled materials.