Superior Scientists

Superior Scientists

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School juniors and seniors in Maria Aiello and Jennifer Basford’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science classes took part in a unique lab experience with science educator Amanda Horn from Brookhaven National Laboratory on Feb. 13. BNL provided students with lab attire and equipment to successfully take part in a citric acid soil remediation lab.

This is the second year that Brookhaven National Labs has visited the high school to educate science students.

"We invite Brookhaven National Labs to the high school to expose our students to careers in the sciences on Long Island, while also supplementing our curriculum,” said Director of Math, Science and Technology Eileen Kelly-Gorman. “In this lab, students used a technique designed at BNL, right here on Long Island, to remove pollutant metals from soil."

Students worked with a number of solutions which they used test tubes to differentiate and experiment with. With the help of their classmates, the students followed scientific steps to quantify the amount of iron present in the soil, using the 1,10-phenanthroline method.

At the conclusion of the lab, Ms. Horn graphed the classroom results and helped the students determine their concentration levels based on the numbers they recorded during the experiment.