Scientists in the Making

Scientists in the Making Photo

James H. Boyd Intermediate School students received an exciting visit from the New York Hall of Science on March 16. Sponsored by the Boyd PTA, students had the opportunity to explore and experiment through hand-on stations in the school gymnasium.

Ten stations facilitated by science educators from the New York Hall of Science were set up throughout the gymnasium, which students had 45 minutes to rotate through. This included an electricity station where students used Play-Doh to construct electricity and observed what friction does to hair. A rocket station, where students experimented with straws, paper and tape to project how far their rockets would soar and an animation station where classes could observe what movement does to their drawings.

“Over the past two years, Principal Dr. Denise Toscano and I have been working to create unique learning experiences for students. When we heard about the New York Hall of Science visitation program, we thought it would be a fantastic idea,” said Director of Math, Science and Technology Eileen-Kelly Gorman. “We are so thankful to the Boyd PTA for allowing us to bring this opportunity to the school.”