Politically Minded Students Learn First-Hand Legislation

Politically Minded Students Learn First-Hand Legislation Photo thumbnail75663

Eight Elwood-John H. Glenn High School seniors in Laureen Kennedy’s AP Government and Politics class recently participated in the “Student Day at the Suffolk County Legislature" program.

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the eight lucky Elwood students included Nicholas Chieppa, David Hermanns, Emma Hines, Derek Lee, Katherine McPherson, Kyle Morlock, Sylvanna Politio and Eva Sheldon. The group took part in a mock legislative session where they assumed the roles of legislator, lobbyist, concerned constituent, or representative of a bureaucratic agency. They actively debated and voted on a bill that proposed Suffolk County become a sanctuary county for undocumented workers.

In addition, the students met with several of Suffolk County’s legislators who explained the leadership of the legislature, the roles of its members and the activities of committees. They learned the responsibilities that county government has to its constituents to provide daily services.

“It was both an educational and rewarding experience,” said Ms. Kennedy.