District Receives Special Visit from Regent Tilles

District Receives Special Visit from Regent Tilles Photo

Administrators, Board members, faculty members and students received a special visit from Roger B. Tilles on May 15. Mr. Tilles, a Regent for the New York State Education Department, stopped by classrooms at Elwood Middle School and James H. Boyd Intermediate School to learn about the educational opportunities taking place.

Regent Tilles met with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Bossert, central administration and Board of Education members before touring the schools.

During his visit to the middle school, seventh-graders showcased how they have been using their Chromebooks to learn about linear equations. The students used Desmos to answer a series of questions designed to help them gain a deeper understanding of how to determine if two lines will intersect and how to find the intersection point. Teacher Erica Giordano showed Regent Tilles how she can view student responses to plan instruction.  

At James H. Boyd Intermediate School, Principal Denise Toscano spoke with Regent Tilles about what exciting things are happening at the school. They visited a third grade classroom, where students demonstrated what they are learning in math to program Dash and Dot robots. Teachers Krista Albrecht and Liz Held planned a series of challenges for students to complete that involved measuring dimensions of different quadrilaterals and then programming Dash to travel the perimeter of the figure in two ways. The students recorded their work using SeeSaw to document their learning and share with parents.  

In addition, Regent Tilles visited another third grade class and read the class different types of poetry that the students enjoyed. It was an exciting day for all!