Students Assist with High School Transition

Students Assist with High School Transition Photo
Students Assist with High School Transition Photo2

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School students involved in the district’s Freshmen Buddies Program prepared incoming freshmen on June 1 for what to expect when they enter the high school next year.

The 75 juniors and seniors who have been selected to serve as mentors in the program, visited Elwood Middle School to introduce themselves to their group of incoming freshmen. This allowed the students to get acquainted before their next meet-up, which will be Freshmen Orientation at the end of August.

Guidance counselor and Freshmen Buddy advisor Adrienne Nasser welcomed all the students and explained a little more about the program.  

“As you are ending the eighth-grade year, I’m sure you are all thinking about what high school is going to be like,” she said. “It is always nice to know people in a new school and today we are hoping that by meeting your mentors who will work with you all of next year, it will ease that transition for you.” 

The groups made their way outside where they sat in circles and discussed the upcoming school year. The high school students encouraged the eighth-graders to ask any questions that they had about the high school and even shared their own experiences with their groups.