First day back for Elwood students

First day back for Elwood students photo

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the Elwood Union Free School District started the 2017-18 school year. Students were all smiles getting off the busses, greeting new teachers and old friends.

At James H. Boyd Intermediate School, students were busy unpacking their school supplies into their desks and getting to know their classmates through “getting to know you” questionnaires. Teachers took the time to introduce themselves, and set the tone for the year. Principal Denise Toscano spent the morning visiting classrooms and welcoming students back to school.

Kindergartners at Harley Avenue rode the bus for the first time, disembarking to waving, excited parents, and lined up, ready for their first year. Harley Avenue Principal Elissa Millan greeted students at the front, and welcomed them to school for the first time. 

“Kindergarten is a big step for children,” Principal Millan said, “and every year seeing the new students is just as exciting as the year before.”

Middle and high school students also had an exciting day, filled with exercises geared at familiarizing themselves with one another, as well as their academic courses. The Elwood Union Free School District wishes all students and staff a successful year ahead!