A Magical Halloween at James H. Boyd

A Magical Halloween at James H. Boyd photo

On Oct. 31, James H. Boyd Intermediate School held its annual Halloween parade, a yearly tradition for the school’s students. This year’s event was especially exciting, however, as Magic Wheelchair, a nonprofit organization that builds unique Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs, selected fifth-grade student Cooper Knorr to make his dream costume become a reality—a DeLorean from the classic film Back to the Future.

Knorr lead the parade in his sweet ride. The band and his fellow classmates, clad in their unique and creative costumes, followed behind. The parade circled the field behind the building as parents and loved ones looked on.

After the parade’s conclusion, many students came up to Knorr and complimented his DeLorean.

“Sweet costume, Cooper!” a classmate exclaimed, high-fiving him.

Also in attendance was Mr. Met, who came in honor of Boyd teacher Joseph Pace. Mr. Met’s presence delighted many of the children, and parents, as well.