Mock Trial Members Mentored by Alumni

Mock Trial Members Mentored by Alumni photo
On Feb. 7, the high school mock trial team ranked first among 27 competing Suffolk County schools in the county’s first mock trial competition of 2018 ­– a first ever in John Glenn history!

Before the start of the season, two alumni mock trial members visited the team, and volunteered their time to help students prepare for upcoming trial cases. Jordan Bryan, a freshman at Cornell University, and Casey Oualaalou, a freshman at Loyola University, spent many hours helping the young, inexperienced team research and prepare.

Advisor Megan Gieser believes the extra help from the alumni students, along with the work ethic of the current team members, paid off.

“It really meant a lot to the current students to be mentored by experienced mock trial members,” said Ms. Gieser, “and the team members continue to impress me with their hard work and dedication—learning from their mistakes, and improving with every trial they complete.”