Continuing to Give Back to the Community

Continuing to Give Back to the Community photo thumbnail90048
Students at John Glenn have been making efforts to build upon the foundation of being community service-minded this school year. The World Language Honor Society students in particular are focused on cooking and donating meals to local families in need. These students hold a monthly bake sale to gather funds for the food needed to make this possible.

On March 26, the group endeavored to cook for the Huntington Tri-Community Youth Agency (Tri-CYA). With the direction of honor society facilitators Nicole Gendjoian and Nicole Correiaea and teaching assistant Annie McClintock, students made macaroni and cheese from scratch along with cornbread, vegetables, and brownies to donate to the organization. The Tri-CYA serves dinner for up to 300 people a day, and are always in need of donations. In addition, students also put two meal baskets were together for two specific families in need.

"Projects like these give me motivation to do more good things for the community,” said junior Cassandra Vitale. “These types of projects are important to build up leadership skills, but they also influence others to make a difference."