Enriching Learning at Elwood

Enriching Learning at Elwood photo
Nine Elwood faculty members and administration were recognized by the Board of Education for the grants awarded to them by the Elwood Education Endowment (EEE) for the 2017-2018 school year on April 12. After an in-depth application and evaluation process, just over $47,000 in total was donated to benefit all four buildings throughout the district. Since the endowments inception, the organization has donated over a half of a million dollars to the school district.

“We have continued to work hard to support the educational programs and ideas of our educators,” said EEE President Deena Purow, “and we are repeatedly impressed by the efforts of the teachers and administrators of Elwood, and their mission to enrich the education of our students.”

Through the initiative of faculty and administration, the literacy, music, science, and STEM curriculums are being enhanced by grant funding. Additionally, the grants also will be helping expand the district’s flexible learning spaces.

Faculty members Krista Albrecht, Keri Barozie, Donna Fife, Meahan Geiser, Karen Gellert, Richard Greening, Liz Held, Vickie Henson, Jason Joiner, Dr. Arnold Kamhi, Jessica Kennedy, Rachel Nagel, Renee Spanos, Maria Trucios, and administration members Pamela Fine and Eileen Kelly-Gorman, were crucial in conceiving the ideas for these enhancements, and in completing the grant application process, and all were applauded and thanked by the board.

“This support provided to our students and faculty is priceless,” said Dr. Bossert. “The funds raised to support these programs and initiatives will truly bring exceptional opportunities to our students, and will continue to benefit students for years to come.”