Starting on Wed., May 16th Long Island Geese Control will begin patrolling our schools grounds in order to address the school district's geese problem.

Long Island Geese Control has been hired to humanely control the Canada goose problem that has plagued Elwood Schools. This company has been in business for 20 years and currently services some 30 districts across the Island, as well as many gated communities, state parks, municipalities and office buildings.

Their trained dogs will simply chase off any geese that are on the fields during their patrols. They will patrol multiple times per week, including weekends. Their staff are highly trained, as well as their team of over 12 border collies. The dogs are all well-tempered and focused on their jobs,
however they will not run the dogs at all when children are at recess. They will chase geese on a leash if students are practicing sports after school, and will use the dogs off-leash only in situations where no people are present on the fields. That is their company policy with respect to all school districts.

The reason for keeping the geese off of the fields is simple. The droppings left by Canada geese pose a health concern, and our goal is to have far less of them on our fields. No geese will be harmed at any time utilizing this service. Geese are harmlessly chased away. This type of service remains the only humane, effective way to keep the large numbers of Canada geese that we have become accustomed to, off of our fields.

If you happen to notice uniformed personnel accompanied by border collies they are at work to help the school district resolve its geese problem. Thank you.