History Brought to Life at James H. Boyd

History Brought to Life at James H. Boyd photo

Historic figures of the past and present came to life at James H. Boyd’s Living History Wax Museum on May 31. After completing an in-depth research project on the figure of their choice, third-grade students from Mrs. Held and Ms. Noon’s classes dressed in character, ready to display their newfound knowledge. Categories of people included artists, entertainers, royalty, and more.

Family, staff, and administrators milled around the statuesque students, activating them by inserting change into a box and pressing a button. All monies donated will be going to charities supported by the different people represented at wax museum.

In addition to the in-person presentation, the event’s pamphlet included QR codes for more information on each person. Upon scanning that code, the viewer was brought to a video the student had created on their chosen figure.

“I learned a lot of little interesting details,” said Kaylee, a student in Mrs. Held’s Class, who was dressed up as Leonardo Di Vinci. “It took Di Vinci twelve years just to finish the eyes of the Mona Lisa!”