Creating an Easier Transition

Creating an Easier Transition photo

On June 7, rising high school juniors and seniors visited EMS to meet their “Freshman Buddies.” At the end of each middle schooler’s career, they’re assigned a volunteer upper-classmen “buddy” from the high school who serves as their role model, guide, and friend to help the transition to high school be as smooth as possible. Throughout the year, buddies check in with their freshmen and address different themes at meetings, such as time management and getting involved.

High school principal Carisa Burzynski introduced herself to the eighth graders and assured them that transition to John Glenn would be made easier with their buddies as a resource.

“Each leader is of the best students John Glenn has to offer,” said Mrs. Burzynski. “They were selected because of their character and leadership skills, and they will do their very best to help you navigate through this this new season!”

Once each eighth-grader found their assigned group and buddies, students formed circles outside. Groups played ice-breaking games, inquired about different aspects of high school, exchanged contact information, and more.

Many of the middle schoolers asked the upperclassmen if they had been nervous going into high school, but the buddies encouraged them positively.

“It’s not as hard as you’d think,” said Shannon, an upperclassmen volunteer. “You’ll get used to the change really quickly.”