Elwood Knights Celebrate an Academic Milestone

Congratulations Class of 2018 photo

Led by Board of Education trustees, administration and faculty, the Elwood-John H. Glenn High School class of 2018 stepped onto the field for the last time at the district’s 56th annual commencement held on June 22. Students proudly processed to their seats as family and friends cheered, and the high school band performed “Pomp and Circumstance”.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, led by class president Brendan Bouzas, and the high school band playing the national anthem under the baton of Vicki Henson, Principal Carisa Burzynski welcomed and thanked the families, the Board of Education, fellow administrators and the community for their support. She also praised the graduating class on their various accomplishments, calling them “true leaders” and a class that was “inclusive from the start.” During her address to the Class of 2018, Mrs. Burzynski took a moment to advise the students on being true to themselves.

“Listen to the voice inside you,” she urged them, “because that is truly who you are.”

Class of 2018 graduation speaker Ruben Saint Paul took the podium to reflect on the class’ four years at John H. Glenn, and remarked that he did not expect the day to be so bittersweet. “We are all sharing a collective tear of reminiscence,” he noted. “Glenn has been a catalyst for our intrinsic change.”

Salutatorian Catherine Reyes-Ordonez encouraged her classmates to make positive contributions to the world, and to be unafraid of prompting change. “Stop just saying,” she implored them, “and start doing.”

Valedictorian Kathryn Browne stepped up to the podium with a smile. She urged her peers to face change, and challenges, with faith. “We must learn from the unfamiliar things we encounter,” she said. “Try to relax, and trust the timing of your life.”

Seniors then joined the band and the chorus for the last time to play musical interludes, which included Samuel Hazo’s “Solas Ane (Yesterday’s Joy)” and Tedder and Zancanella’s “I Lived.”

After Mrs. Burzynski, the Board of Education and administration confirmed that the seniors had met the requirements for graduation, they presented diplomas to each graduate. Led by members of the student council, the seniors concluded the ceremony by moving their tassels from right to left to signify their commencement. Blue and white caps filled the air as the graduates were introduced as alumni of the Elwood Union Free School District.