Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature

Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature 1
Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature2
Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature3
Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature4
Acquiring a “Taste” for Literature5

Third graders at James H. Boyd worked up an appetite during a “Book Tasting” held on Oct. 18. Clad in chefs hats and equipped with a menu in which to write their reviews, students spent the morning in the cafeteria-gone-restaurant, sampling different types of literature. At each table, books were laid out like delicious meals. Student committed eight minutes to each book they chose to get a satisfactory “taste” of the story and its genre, and then gave it score of 1-3.

Exposure to different types of literature will encourage children to read books that they may not otherwise have developed an interest in,” said third grade teacher Mrs. Liz Held, who coordinated this event in partnership with teacher Beth Noon.

There were six different types of literature for children to sample, and students enjoyed titles such as “The Gingerbread Boy”, “Our Strange New Land,” and more.

“I really like reading,” said Brendan, a third-grader at James H. Boyd. “I like to see how authors hook you in the beginning, and then all of a sudden you don’t want to put the story down.”