Elwood Student Competes in HMMT

Elwood Student Competes in HMMT photo
Elwood Student Competes in HMMT photo 2
Elwood-John H. Glenn sophomore Rithika Narayan competed at the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMTMT) held at Harvard University on Nov. 10. Rithika, who is a current member of the Institute of Creative Problem Solving, was the only representative from JGHS who had been selected to compete by the institute.

The tournament draws approximately 1000 of the most gifted and talent high school mathematicians from across the world. The problems, created by Harvard and MIT students, are exceptionally difficult. Winners often going on to win the International Math Olympiad or becoming future Field Medal Recipients.

Rithika and her team competed fiercely, and plan on attending the tournament again for the following two years. Great job!