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The district’s Board of Education recognized outstanding members of the school and greater community at their monthly meeting on Dec. 6.

Recently, Suffolk County Assemblyman Steven Stern focused special efforts towards targeting the district for additional educational aid. Assemblyman Stern secured $50,000 and awarded the sum to the district last month. This funding, designated for district-wide security enhancements, will be used for such during the current school year. The Board and district administration presented Assemblyman Stern with a certificate of appreciation to convey their gratitude.

“We are extremely grateful to be so fortunate to receive this funding to continue making security enhancements,” said Dr. Bossert. “We have a number of initiatives that still require funding, and this donation will go a very long way to help us accomplish those goals.“

Additionally, two members of James H. Boyd were honored by the Board, and were introduced and praised highly by principal Dr. Denise Toscano.

First called to the podium was student Colin Moshos, who was recognized for being a shining light within James H. Boyd.

“Colin, with his radiant smile and engaging personality, has touched each and every member of James. H Boyd,” said Dr. Toscano. “He knows his schoolmates all by name, is always ready with a positive comment, and has shown deep and moving empathy for those who need it.”

When Dr. Toscano thanked him for being a shining example for his peers, Colin responded precociously with, “You’re MOST welcome!”

Additionally, Assemblyman Stern presented Colin with a New York State certificate in recognition of his Shining Star status.

Dr. Toscano also sang the praises of Mrs. Lisa Magrino, an exceptional Teachers College Lead Teacher at James H. Boyd, who goes above and beyond to complete professional development opportunities and then share and teach her fellow educators. Mrs. Magrino has presented at Superintendents Conference days, has demoed lessons for teachers in their classrooms, and so much more. Along with a plaque from the board, Assemblyman Stern presented Mrs. Magrino with a New York State recognition of her leadership as well.

“You are the epitome of teacher leadership, and we wanted to extend our deepest thanks you for all you do,” said Dr. Toscano.