The following information was shared with Elwood from the South Huntington School District on January 18:

"Earlier today, a parent reported that yesterday while exiting Silas Wood to walk home from an after-school activity, her 6th-grade son was approached by what he describes as two, late teenage males in a dark colored SUV. The Silas Wood student further reported that these two males asked him to get in their car, and claimed they had his mom’s permission. The 6th-grade student ignored the two individuals in the car and kept walking, and the teenage males did not attempt to re-engage or pursue. Within moments, the Silas Wood student saw a neighbor who ultimately provided him a ride home.

A report has been filed with the Suffolk County Police Department, whose members are fully investigating. We are also working with our security cameras to see if the individuals were anywhere in our parking lot areas covered by imaging equipment. Additionally, we have directed additional security and administrative personnel to the area for dismissal, and will have both district office and building administrative teams on-site to personally facilitate the situation.

While we are very fortunate that our Silas Wood student is fine and there were no follow up interactions and concerns, we are taking the situation quite seriously and working cooperatively to assist a thorough police response.  We are also making this a priority to both our security and administrative teams.  In addition, we suggest that this would be an excellent time to speak with your children regarding the dangers of getting in any unknown individual’s car for any reason at any time.

Rest assured that the safety of our students and staff, both in school and the surrounding neighborhood, remains a crystal clear focus of our energy."