Elwood Faculty and Staff Go Above and Beyond

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On Jan. 24, some of our district’s outstanding members who go above and beyond on a regular basis were recognized by the Board of Education.

Harley Avenue Primary School principal Mrs. Elissa Milan presented Ms. Michelle Kretz, Mr. Jose Alicea, Mr. Christian Haack, and Ms. Alexandra Harris to the Board to commend them for the incredible work they put into creating “Sensory City” at Harley. This superhero-themed sensory path, which helps students use gross motor skills help them refocus in the classroom, was incepted by social worker Ms. Kretz. Once the idea was ready to be executed, Mr. Alicea, Mr. Haack, and Ms. Harris all put forth incredible dedication to the project.

On top of the hard work, personal and after school hours the team logged to have “Sensory City” completed by Thanksgiving, they also leant themselves to beautifying the inside of Harley with bright colors, encouraging quotes, and more. The project’s timeline that originally extended to the end of the school year only took a few short months

“I’m so proud of this team,” said Mrs. Milan. “Their dedication and focus in bringing our dreams of an extreme makeover, school edition, to a reality has been an incredible journey, and I know the Harley community is so grateful for all they’ve done.”

Mrs. Milan also presented Ms. Amy Schombs to the Board and expressed gratitude for her never-ending willingness to add to the positive culture of Harley Avenue; whether it be helping a colleague, joining committee, or learn new teaching techniques to improve her professional practices.

“All of Amy’s students and colleagues have gained so much from the positive energy, ideas, and enthusiasm she brings to the table,” said Mrs. Milan.

Additionally, Executive Director of Special Education Ms. Dianne Wilkinson addressed the board to commend Ms. Patricia Buckley. Ms. Buckley, who oversees preschool special education throughout the district, makes such a difference in the lives of both special education students first beginning school, as well as their families. She works diligently behind the scenes to make the transition to school as smooth as possible and is an integral member of the department.

“Patti helps quell the fear of both parents and students alike coming into school for the first time with her warm, caring, and compassionate heart—and Elwood’s Special Education Program wouldn’t be what it is without her.”