P.S. I Love You Day at EMS

P.S. I Love You Day at EMS photo
P.S. I Love You Day at EMS photo 3
Thanks to the initiative of Elwood Middle School’s Knights of Good club, the school celebrated P.S. I Love you Day for the first time on Feb. 8. The goal of this day is to bring awareness to students of the importance of spreading love and kindness in order to the prevent unnecessary loss of lives from suicide. This year, nearly 200 schools pledged to participate.

Knights of Good club member Anthony Bell came across this awareness day earlier in the school year and brought it before the club advisor as well as his peers.

“When I first read about P.S. I love you Day, it really spoke to me about the importance of kindness,” said Anthony. “And I really felt the need to pass this message along to my classmates—because you never know who may really need to hear it.”

The Knights of Good agreed to come alongside the day’s mission, and requested for the entire school to wear purple on Feb. 8 to stand up against bullying, help promote mental health awareness, and prevent the tragedy of suicide.

“Our hope is that on this day, students will walk around their school community and see a sea of purple,” said club advisor Todd Schwartz, “and that they’ll remember that there are people who truly care, and that they’re never alone.”