Exploring ASL at John H. Glenn

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John H. Glenn’s American Sign Language (ASL) program has been steadily growing over the years—starting with one small class and now boasting over 90 students across three high school levels and one college level. Students enjoy having this language to explore, and are vocal about the importance and necessity of having people who can interpret for hearing impaired individuals.

“People are often inclined to gravitate towards taking Spanish because that seems like a more practical route to take,” said Megan Hovanec, a level-two ASL student, “but that’s not necessarily the case. With the number of deaf Americans in our country, ASL is something that everyone should have a basic knowledge of.” Meagan plans to double major in interpreting and nursing in college so she can use ASL in the medical field.

The community of ASL students at John H. Glenn enjoy giving back to deaf the community each year by Fall Festival at Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, participate in district-wide events like International Night, and put on some of their own events, such as ASL Idol.

“Sometimes all it takes is someone setting an example of something they’re passionate about,” said level-four ASL student Victoria Didiego. “I used to practice signing with my cousin because she studied it in college, and now I want to pursue full time interpreting.”