World Language Month Spreads to James H. Boyd

World Language Month Spreads to James H. Boyd photo

Over 30 juniors and seniors from John Glenn’s World Language Honor Society (WLHS) recently visited James H. Boyd to teach students about Spanish, Italian, and ASL. WLHS students traveled from classroom to classroom in pairs, presenting the lesson plans they created covering a variety of different topics. Students loved learning about different languages and enthusiastically participated in each lesson! High schoolers appreciated the opportunity to teach younger students, and had a new-found respect for how much planning and patience is required to teach.

"It felt so rewarding to see that the students were eager to learn about something I take pride in,” said junior Sabrina Competiello, a WLHS Italian student, “and it was great to see them actively learning so they could remember, and use, what we taught them.”

This visit, in honor of World Language Month, afforded multiple language lessons throughout the day to over 20 classes of third through fifth graders.

"This day showed me how much joy can be found in teaching,” said senior Brianna Duswalt, a WLHS Spanish student. “I also learned that kids are more absorbent than you would think.”