A Lesson in Patience and Parenting

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At the culmination of a child development and babysitting unit, eighth-graders in Ms. Ilene Fucci’s class at EMS had the opportunity to meet a sweet one-year-old named Vivienne to gain some hands-on experience. Many students in the class had never spent time with a child that young before, and were delighted by her cherub-like presence. Students had the opportunity to ask her mother, John H. Glenn High School teacher Mrs. Megan Gieser, questions about topics such as parenting, babysitting, and how to handle a baby’s emotional and physical needs.

Mrs. Gieser shared her personal experience with experiencing a new kind of love the day Vivienne was born, deciding between daycare and a nanny, parenting expectations versus reality, and more. Students also took turns learning how to hold a one-year-old.

“Teaching them the basics of taking care of a child is very useful information for middle schoolers,” said Ms. Fucci. “Not only will it help students learn the importance of patience and staying alert when taking care of children, but also is a great way for students to earn money before having to commit to job that may not be as flexible.”

A few students with babysitting experience commented on the value of their experience with children.

“Working with children definitely teaches you patience,” said eighth-grader Angelina. “And it taught me that the calmer you are, the quicker you can solve whatever the problem is happening.”