2nd Gear Showcase

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On June 20, second graders from Harley Avenue showcased what they’ve learned over the past six weeks in the 2nd Gear program—in-school enrichment that aids students in learning to express themselves through different areas of interest.

“Research shows that enrichment clubs help develop the whole child, so allowing children to be challenged and think critically outside of the regular school subjects during the school day is very valuable,” said Principal Elissa Milan.

Students had the opportunity to choose one area of interest from variety of options, including the Debate Team, Chromebook Coding Creators, the Debate Team, and Act it Out earlier in the year. Each group was then led by a Harley Avenue educator that volunteered their knowledge of a specific area of expertise.

During the 2nd Gear Fair, each group demonstrated what they learned for their peers. The afternoon was filled with applause and cheers as students proudly showed off their new skills, excited to pursue new hobbies both in and out of school.