All Are Welcome at Superintendent's Conference Day

Staff gather for conference day. thumbnail133322
More staff members gather for the start of the new year in Elwood. thumbnail133323
Superintendent Ken Bossert addresses staff members. thumbnail133324
Staff reconnects after the summer. thumbnail133325
PTA members and Board trustees gather at Conference Day.  thumbnail133326
Board of Education President Becky Marcus addresses the staff. thumbnail133328

The district officially kicked off the start of the 2019-20 academic year by welcoming all staff members back for Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 3.

After reconnecting with one another during breakfast sponsored by the schools’ PTA units, Superintendent of School Dr. Kenneth Bossert welcomed all in attendance and reflected upon the district. “I am proud that while the race for excellence has no finish line, we are ahead of the pack,” he said. Dr. Bossert credited the district’s success to a supportive community, a culture of support and high expectations, and the ability for those within the district to reflect and identify areas in need of improvement. Additionally, he noted that the district’s success is a testament to its dedicated and talented staff. “Our staff members are all-stars performing at the highest level,” he added.

Other members of the Elwood community shared welcoming remarks, including Board of Education President Becky Marcus. In her address to the staff, Ms. Marcus reflected on a teacher’s ability to instill a love of learning in students. “Instilling a love of learning elevates your profession to a calling. I encourage you to welcome our students back this year with enthusiasm and into an environment where they love to learn,” she said.

A committee of staff members, led by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Maureen Hull, delivered the day’s keynote presentation, titled “All Are Welcome,” which centered on a call to action of promoting, supporting and enhancing student success through building relationships with students. The committee shared valuable insight and tools for creating greater student equity within the classroom, emphasizing social and emotional wellness, focusing on literacy and “Knightly” reading, and establishing culturally responsive classrooms.

During conference day, faculty also had the opportunity to meet with building principals and finish final preparations for the opening of school on Sept. 4.

The district thanks all staff members for their dedication and what promises to be another great year ahead!